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WOODEvelynWW1Rawdon (Micklefield Road) War Memorial
WOODGeorgeWW1Rawdon (Micklefield Road) War Memorial
WOODPeterWW2Rawdon (Micklefield Road) War Memorial
WOODGEWW1Rawdon (Woodhouse Grove School) War Memorial
WOODGeorgeWW1Rawdon (St Peter) War Memorial
WOODG EvelynWW1Rawdon (St Peter) War Memorial
WOODGeorge AWW1Rawdon (St Peter) War Memorial
WOODPeter MWW2Rawdon (St Peter) War Memorial
WOODTomWW1Addingham (St Peter’s Church) War Memorial
WOODHubertWW1Hebden (St. Peter's) War Memorial
WOODEdwinWW1Horsforth (Grove Methodist) War Memorial
WOODHerbertWW1Otley (All Saints) War Memorial
WOODAlfredWW1Otley (All Saints) War Memorial
WOODCyrilWW1Otley (All Saints) War Memorial
WOODE.WW2Bolton Abbey War Memorial Scrolls
WOODW.WW1Burley-in-Wharfedale War Memorial
WOODPercyWW1North Rigton (St John The Evangelist) WW1 War Memorial
WOODJ.WW2Adel (Lawnswood Cemetery) WW2 Cremations War Memorial
WOODFrederick VictorWW1Harewood All Saints WW1
WOODJHWW2Horsforth (Fink Hill) Cenotaph
WOODAWW1Menston (St. John) War Memorial
WOODL AWW1Menston (St. John) War Memorial
WOODFWW1Menston (St. John) War Memorial
WOODTWW1Menston (St. John) War Memorial
WOODLAWW1Yarnbury (RFC) War Memorial
WOODWilliam HenryWW1Burley-in-Wharfedale War Memorial
WOODHubertWW1Linton in Craven War Memorial
WOODCharlieWW1Linton in Craven War Memorial
WOODHubertWW1Hebden Ibbotson Institute
WOODCharlieWW1Grassington Devonshire Institute
WOODAlbertWW1Grassington Devonshire Institute
WOODTomWW1Addingham (St Peter's Church)
WOODJosephWW1Austwick Church of the Epithany
WOODJosephWW1Austwick War Memorial
WOODAlfredWW1Otley Town Council Roll of Honour
WOODCyrilWW1Otley Town Council Roll of Honour
WOODHerbertWW1Otley Town Council Roll of Honour
WOODA.WW1Baildon St John's Church
WOODJ A SWW1Giggleswick School
WOODWilliamWW1Cononley Primitive Methodist Church Roll of Honour
WOODWilliamWW2Cononley St Mary's
WOODG EWW1Rawdon Library Memorial Book
WOODG AWW1Rawdon Library Memorial Book
WOODA JWW1Rawdon Library Memorial Book
WOODErnestWW1Rawdon Library Memorial Book
WOODFrankWW1Rawdon Library Memorial Book
WOODFWW1Rawdon Library Memorial Book
WOODG AWW1Rawdon Library Memorial Book
WOODLouisWW1Rawdon Library Memorial Book
WOODWWW1Rawdon Library Memorial Book
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