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WALTON Frederick IWW2Hampsthwaite St Thomas Church
WALTON FIWW2Hampsthwaite Memorial Hall
WALTONEdgarWW2Harrogate Bilton Methodist Church
WALTONCharles HenryWW1Keighley Library WW1
WALTONJohn ThomasWW1Keighley Library WW1
WALTONWm EdgarWW1Keighley St Peter’s Church
WALTONArthurWW1Earby War Memorial
WALTONWillie WW1Earby War Memorial
WALTONHWW2Earby War Memorial
WALTONHWW1Barnoldswick War Memorial
WALTONArthurWW1Earby Baptist Church
WALTONWillieWW1Kelbrook St Mary’s Church
WALTON HartleyWW2Kelbrook St Mary's Church
WALTONHartleyWW2Kelbrook Methodist Church
WALTONWillieWW1Kelbrook Methodist Church
WALTONGarnettWW1 Haworth War Memorial
WALTONGarnetWW1Haworth St Michael’s Church
WALTONFRWW1Harrogate Pannal Ash Police College
WALTONArthurWW1 Horsforth Book of Remembrance
WALTONArchieWW1 Horsforth Book of Remembrance
WALTONREWW1 Horsforth Book of Remembrance
WALTONGeorgeWW1 Horsforth Book of Remembrance
WALTONHaroldWW1 Horsforth Book of Remembrance
WALTONWilliamWW1 Horsforth Book of Remembrance
WALTONJWW1Bramham All Saints Church
WALTONJWW1 Bramham War Memorial
WALTONClWW1Bramham Methodist church
WALTONJos.WW1Bramham Methodist church
WALTONJoeWW1Bramham Methodist church
WALTONCWW1Bramham All Saints Church
WALTONJWW1Bramham All Saints Church
WALTONGPWW1 Sedbergh School
WALTONHEWW2Sedbergh School
WALTON AWW2Steeton & Eastburn War Memorial
WANEChristopherWW1Gargrave War Memorial
WANEChristopherWW1Gargrave War Memorial
WANEGeorge AnthonyWW1Gargrave St Andrews Church
WANEThomas HenryWW1Gargrave St Andrews Church
WANEJohnWW1Gargrave St Andrews Church
WANEChristopherWW1Gargrave St Andrews Church
WANERichardWW1Gargrave St Andrews Church
WANEGeorge CFWW1Lees with Crossroads St James Church
WANEJWW2Lees with Crossroads St James Church
WANEGeorge CFWW1Crossroads Bowling Pavilion
WANKLYNWHWW1 Sedbergh School
WANSBROUGHHVWW2Collingham Memorial Hall
WANSBROUGHHoward VivianWW2Collingham St Oswald's Church
WARBURTONGeorgeWW1Otley (All Saints) War Memorial
WARBURTONGeorgeWW1Otley (Methodist Church Boroughgate) War Memorial
WARBURTONGeorgeWW1Otley Town Council Roll of Honour
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