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VINEA.WW1Burley in Wharfedale (Queens Hall)
VINEFWW1Rawdon Library Memorial Book
VINEJ EWW2Ilkley Town Hall WW2
VINEEWW1Yeadon Residents WW1
VINEJWW1Yeadon Residents WW1
VINEEWW2 Horsforth Book of Remembrance
VINEYErnestWW1Horsforth Book of Remembrance
VINEYGeorge HenryWW1Horsforth Book of Rembrance
VINTERNOWW1Rawdon (Woodhouse Grove School) War Memorial
VINTERC EWW1Rawdon Library Memorial Book
VINTERN OWW1Rawdon Library Memorial Book
VINTNERHarryWW1Steeton & Eastburn War Memorial
VINTNERHWW1Steeton with Eastburn St Stephen's Church
VINTNERHarryWW1Steeton with Eastburn Mechanics Institute
VOAKESHWW1 Killinghalll War Memorial
VOAKESWWW1 Killinghalll War Memorial
VOAKESMWW1 Killinghalll War Memorial
VOAKESCWW1 Killinghalll War Memorial
VOAKESFWW1 Killinghalll War Memorial
VOAKESWWW1Harrogate Londesborough Club
VOALESBWW1Harrogate Londesborough Club
VODDENJHWW1Allerton Bywater War Memorial
VOIGHTA CWW1Menston (St. John) War Memorial
VOKESGeorgeWW2Rawdon (Micklefield Road) War Memorial
VOKESGeorge TWW2Rawdon (St Peter) War Memorial
VOKESSidneyWW1Rawdon Library Memorial Book
VOLLANSHWW1Bramhope (Robert Craven Memorial Hall)
VOLLANSWWW1Little Ribston St Helen's Church
VOLLANSAWW1Little Ribston St Helen's Church
VOLLANSJohn AWW2Wetherby St James's Church
VOLLANSAlfredWW1Hunsingore St John the Baptist
VOWLESJames HenryWW1Ilkley (All Saints) War Memorial
VOWLESJames HenryWW1Ilkley War Memorial WW1
VYNERGeorge EWW1Moor Allerton, Leeds (St. John the Evangelist) War Memorial
VYNERWillieWW1Moor Allerton, Leeds (St. John the Evangelist) War Memorial
VYNERWWW1Shadwell St Paul's Church
VYNERGWW1Shadwell St Paul's Church
VYNERJohn PercyWW2Shadwell St Paul's Church
VYNER ElizabethWW2Fountains Hall
VYNER Charles de GreyWW2Fountains Hall
VYNERCWW1Skelton on Ure Village Hall
VYNER AEWW1Keighley Library WW1
VYNERArthurWW1 Keighley Worth Methodist Chapel
WADDELLJHWW1Harrogate War Memorial
WADDELLGeorge SWW2Harrogate Ashville College Garden WM
WADDICORThomasWW1Carleton in Craven Wesleyan Methodist Church
WADDICORThomas AWW1Earby War Memorial
WADDILOVEJoseph WWW1Hebden (St. Peter's) War Memorial
WADDILOVEJoseph WWW1Hebden Ibbotson Institute
WADDINGTONJamesWW1Guiseley (Towngate Garden of Rest) War Memorial
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