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 Surname   Forenames   Conflict   Memorial 
SMITHJohn RobertWW2Pateley Bridge War Memorial
SMITHLWW1Burnt Yates St Andrews Church
SMITH PWW1Burnt Yates St Andrews Church
SMITHJWW1Ramsgill War Memorial
SMITH RWW1Ramsgill War Memorial
SMITH FEWW1Ripley War Memorial
SMITHWWW1Ripley War Memorial
SMITHBWW1Wilsill St Michael & All Angels Church
SMITHJLWW1Wilsill St Michael & All Angels Church
SMITHPWW1Hartwith St Jude's Churchyard WM
SMITH John RobertWW2Pateley Bridge Memorial Hall
SMITHWWWW1Wetherby Methodist Church
SMITH WWWW1Wetherby War Memorial
SMITHAWW1Darley Memorial Hall
SMITHWWWW1Wetherby St James's Church
SMITH Norman EWW2Wetherby St James's Church
SMITH Maurice J WW2Wetherby St James's Church
SMITHR Basil WW2Wetherby St James's Church
SMITH Geoffrey J WW2Wetherby St James's Church
SMITH Derrick SWW2Wetherby St James's Church
SMITH Leslie C WW2Wetherby St James's Church
SMITH Kenneth LWW2Wetherby St James's Church
SMITH Ashton JWW2Wetherby St James's Church
SMITH Arthur WWW2Wetherby St James's Church
SMITHC Clifford WW2Yeadon Aireborough Grammar School
SMITHMarjorie WW2Yeadon Aireborough Grammar School
SMITHJohnWW2Yeadon Aireborough Grammar School
SMITH LWW1Burnt Yates Primary School
SMITHPWW1Burnt Yates Primary School
SMITH LeonardWW1Clint & Winsley
SMITH PercyWW1Clint & Winsley
SMITHRichardWW1Markington St Michael's Church
SMITHWWW1Hunsingore St John the Baptist
SMITH CH WW2Knaresborough King James School
SMITHC WW2Knaresborough War Memorial
SMITHJ WW2Knaresborough War Memorial
SMITHArthur Keightley WW2Killinghall St Thomas Church
SMITH Eva Mildred WW2Killinghall St Thomas Church
SMITH H WW1Knaresborough Park Grove Methodist Church
SMITHCWW2Knaresborough St John's Church
SMITHJWW2Knaresborough St John's Church
SMITHAEWW1Harrogate War Memorial
SMITHBWW1Harrogate War Memorial
SMITHHWW1Harrogate War Memorial
SMITHCWW1Harrogate War Memorial
SMITHAPWW1Harrogate War Memorial
SMITHNWW1Harrogate War Memorial
SMITHSLWW1Harrogate War Memorial
SMITHE WW1Harrogate War Memorial
SMITHWWW1Harrogate War Memorial
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