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 Surname   Forenames   Conflict   Memorial 
MITCHELLHarryWW1Thorner St Peter's Church
MITCHELLHerbertWW1Thorner St Peter's Church
MITCHELL FWWW1Ripley War Memorial
MITCHELLJWW2Knaresborough King James School
MITCHELLJWW2Knaresborough War Memorial
MITCHELLJWW2Knaresborough St John's Church
MITCHELLH WW1Harrogate War Memorial
MITCHELLLMWW1Harrogate War Memorial
MITCHELLWWW2 Harrogate War Memorial
MITCHELLWilliamWW2Harrogate Grammar School
MITCHELLAWW1Arkendale St Bartholomew's Church
MITCHELLWilliamWW1Keighley Ingrow St John’s Church
MITCHELLGeorge WW1Keighley Library WW1
MITCHELLAWW1Keighley Library WW1
MITCHELLGeorge WW1Keighley Library WW1
MITCHELLHerbertWW1Keighley Library WW1
MITCHELLWilliam WW1Keighley Library WW1
MITCHELLFWW2Keighley Library WW2
MITCHELLGWW1Keighley All Saints Church
MITCHELLGWW1Keighley All Saints Church
MITCHELLHarryWW1 Lees with Crossroads St James Church
MITCHELLRWW2Lees with Crossroads St James Church
MITCHELLJWWW2Lees with Crossroads St James Church
MITCHELLJWWW2Lees with Crossroads St James Church
MITCHELLHarryWW1Crossroads Bowling Pavilion
MITCHELLFWW1Crossroads Bowling Pavilion
MITCHELLWWW1Salterforth War Memorial
MITCHELLJohnWW1Keighley Wesley Place Methodist Church
MITCHELLDWW1Keighley Sunday Circle
MITCHELLAWW1Barnoldswick War Memorial
MITCHELL WillieWW1Earby TH Hartley & Sons Ltd
MITCHELLWilliamBoer WarKeighley Drill Hall
MITCHELLGeorgeWW1Keighley Worth Methodist Chapel
MITCHELLGeorgeWW1Keighley Thwaites Brow St Barnabas Church
MITCHELLOliverWW1Keighley Thwaites Brow St Barnabas Church
MITCHELLWilliamWW1Keighley Thwaites Brow St Barnabas Church
MITCHELLGeorgeWW1Haworth War Memorial
MITCHELLJohn Arnold WW1Haworth War Memorial
MITCHELLRWW2Haworth St Michael’s Church
MITCHELLJames SWW1Horsforth Book of Remembrance
MITCHELLGeorge WW1Haworth West Lane Methodist
MITCHELLJohnWW1 Beamsley Methodist Chapel
MITCHELLWilliam Young WW1 Beamsley Methodist Chapel
MITCHELLFredWW1Otley Wesleyan Church
MITCHELSONH.WW1Adel (Lawnswood Cemetery) WW1 War Memorial
MITCHELSONBWW1Baildon Soldiers & Sailors Club
MITCHELSONB.WW1Baildon St John's Church
MITTONRobertWW1Rathmell Holy Trinity Church
MITTONRobertWW1Wigglesworth Wesleyan Chapel
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