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MARKEYJ LWW1Adel (Lawnswood Cemetery) WW1 War Memorial
MARKHAMCharles WW1Keighley Library WW1
MARKLEWFrederickWW2Langcliffe St John the Evangelist Church
MARKLEWEWW2Sherburn in Elmet War Memorial
MARKLEW W WW1Ingleton St Mary’s Church
MARKLEWWWW1Ingleton War Memorial
MARKSEGWW1Horsforth (Fink Hill) Cenotaph
MARKSDWW2Horsforth (Fink Hill) Cenotaph
MARKSEGWW1Horsforth (St. Margaret's) War Memorial
MARKS EWW1Horsforth Conservative Club
MARKSHartleyWW1Keighley Library WW1
MARKSEdwardWW1Keighley Thwaites Brow St Barnabas Church
MARKSWilliam WW1Keighley Thwaites Brow St Barnabas Church
MARKSHartleyWW1Keighley Thwaites Brow St Barnabas Church
MARKSEGWW1Horsforth Book of Remembrance
MARKSErnest GeorgeWW1Horsforth Book of Remembrance
MARKSWalterWW1Horsforth Book of Remembrance
MARKSDWW2 Horsforth Book of Remembrance
MARLLBOROUGHGeorgeWW1Arthington (St. Peter's Church) War Memorial
MARLOREricWW1Giggleswick St Akelda's Church
MARLOREricWW1Giggleswick Memorial Footbridge
MARLOREricWW1Settle Zion Congregational Church
MARLORKennethWW1Settle Zion Congregational Church
MARLOREWW1Giggleswick School
MARLOWAlfred WW2Ripon Cathedral
MARLOWAlfredWW2Ripon War Memorial
MARLOWECAWW1Boston Spa War Memorial
MARLOWECecil AWW1Boston Spa St Mary’s Church
MARLTON JWW1Keighley Sun Street Methodist Church
MARONEYAlfredWW1Skipton Cenotaph WW1
MARONEYAlfredWW1Skipton (Holy Trinity) WW1
MARONEYAlfredSkipton Gargrave Road Primitive Methodist (now housed at St Andrew Methodist & URC
MARONEYAlfredSkipton Gargrave Road Primitive Methodist
MARPLESJas. AlbertWW1Horsforth Book of Remembrance
MARQUISVictorWW1Skipton Ermysted's Grammar School
MARRINERJEDWW2Keighley Library WW2
MARRINERJohn EDWW2Keighley St Andrews Church
MARRINERRVWW1Keighley Golf Club
MARRINERHEWW1Bramham All Saints Church
MARRINERHWW1Bramham War Memorial
MARRINERArthurWW1Bramham Methodist Church
MARRINERHy.WW1Bramham Methodist Church
MARRINERHWW1Bramham All Saints Church
MARRINERAWW1Bramham All Saints Church
MARRINER FWW1Bramham All Saints Church
MARRIOTRWWW2Yeadon (Town Hall - Outside) War Memorial
MARRIOTTN.WW1Burley in Wharfedale (Queens Hall)
MARRIOTTJamesWW1Horsforth Book of Remembrance
MARROWSW.WW1Adel (Lawnswood Cemetery) WW1 War Memorial
MARROWSAWW1Horsforth Conservative Club
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