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MALLINSONS AWW2Kettlewell Village War Memorial 
MALLINSONHoraceWW2Kettlewell Village War Memorial 
MALLINSONW HWW1Rawdon Library Memorial Book
MALLINSONKenneth AWW2Ilkley Grammar School
MALLINSONHenryWW1Skipton Ermysted's Grammar School
MALLINSONAWW1Yeadon Residents WW1
MALLINSONAWWW1Kirkby Overblow All Saints Church
MALLINSONMay Louisa WW1Harrogate Trinity Methodist Church
MALLINSON RichardWW1Kirkby Wharfe St John the Baptist Church
MALLINSONEWW1 Sedbergh School
MALLONEYMatthewWW1Sutton in Craven St Thomas Church
MALLORIECharles RWW1Weeton (St. Barnabas) War Memorial
MALLORIEWilliamWW1Spofforth Village Hall
MALLORIEWilliamWW1Spofforth War Memorial
MALLORIEWilliamWW1Spofforth All Saints Church
MALLORIEPRWW2Harrogate War Memorial
MALLORIEPhilip R WW2Harrogate Grammar School
MALLORYAWW1Harrogate War Memorial
MALLORYAWW1Harrogate St Andrew's Church
MALLORYAWW1Harrogate Starbeck War Memorial
MALLOWSEdgarWW1East Morton (Morton Institute)
MALLOWSEdgarWW1East Morton St Lukes Church
MALONEYC WW1 Ripon War Memorial
MALONEYCornelius WW1Ripon Council Chamber
MALTBYCWW2Thorner War Memorial
MALTBYWilfredWW2Wetherby St James's Church
MALTBYEdwardWW1Scotton War Memorial
MALTBYRHWW1Knaresborough War Memorial
MALTBYRHWW1Knaresborough St John's Church
MALTBYRHWW1Harrogate War Memorial
MALTBYFrancis HerbertWW1Keighley Library WW1
MALTBYHerbert FWW1Keighley Devonshire Street Congregational Church
MALTHOUSEWalter WW1Knaresborough Gracious St Methodist
MALTHOUSEWWW1Knaresborough War Memorial
MALTHOUSE W WW1Knaresborough St John's Church
MANBYMWW1Harrogate War Memorial
MANBYWWW1Harrogate War Memorial
MANBYMandelWW1Harrogate St Mark's Church
MANBYWilliam HWW1Harrogate Christchurch
MANGHAMJWW2Guiseley (Silver Cross Works) War Memorial
MANGINReuben Addison WW1Ripon Cathedral
MANGINRAWW1Ripon War Memorial
MANGINReuben A WW1Ripon Council Chamber
MANKINDoris MaudWW2Ripley War Memorial
MANLEYW.WW1Leeds, West Park (Leeds Beckett University-James Graham)
MANLEYLWW2Lees with Crossroads St James Church
MANLEYWilliamWW1Waddington St Helen’s Church
MANNLutherWW1Guiseley (Towngate Garden of Rest) War Memorial
MANNReginald W.WW1Guiseley (Towngate Garden of Rest) War Memorial
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