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LAYCOCKSethWW1Cowling United Free Methodist
LAYCOCKJohnWW1Cowling United Free Methodist
LAYCOCKFrankWW1Cowling United Free Methodist
LAYCOCKRennieWW1Cowling United Free Methodist
LAYCOCKMauriceWW1Cowling United Free Methodist
LAYCOCKPWW1Riddlesden Primitive Methodist Ilkley Road
LAYCOCKPWW1Riddlesden St Mary
LAYCOCKHWW1Grove Hill Park, Otley
LAYCOCKPhinWW1Silsden Town Hall
LAYCOCKJ.WW1Ilkley Town Hall
LAYCOCKHerbertWW1Baildon Tong Park Club & Institute WMC
LAYCOCK Francis WWW1Bingley Grammar School
LAYCOCKHarryWW1Bingley Grammar School
LAYCOCKJBoer WarBingley Town Hall
LAYCOCK WilliamWW1Whitkirk St Mary
LAYCOCK ClarenceWW1Whitkirk St Mary
LAYCOCKHJWW2Harrogate War Memorial
LAYCOCK WilliamWW1Whitkirk War Memorial
LAYCOCKHenry J WW2Harrogate St Mark's Church
LAYCOCKWilliam JWW1Utley St Mark's Church
LAYCOCKDavid WilliamWW1Keighley Library WW1
LAYCOCKEdward HumphreyWW1Keighley Library WW1
LAYCOCKGeorge WW1Keighley Library WW1
LAYCOCKWilliam JamesWW1Keighley Library WW1
LAYCOCKLouie James PenardWW1Keighley Library WW1
LAYCOCKWilliam EdgarWW1Keighley Library WW1
LAYCOCKWWW2Keighley Library WW2
LAYCOCKWilliam E WW1 Keighley Temple Street Methodist Church
LAYCOCKWilliam JWW1Keighley St Andrews Church
LAYCOCKFrank WW1Keighley Golf Club
LAYCOCK WWW1Burley in Wharfedale St Mary’s Church
LAYCOCKPercyWW1Keighley Ingrow Primary School
LAYCOCKWilliamWW1Keighley Ingrow Primary School
LAYCOCKHaydn WW1Keighley Ingrow Primary School
LAYCOCKWillWW1Keighley Albert Street Baptist Church
LAYCOCKStanleyWW1Keighley Wesley Place Methodist Church
LAYCOCKLewisWW1Keighley St Peter’s Church
LAYCOCKLewisWW1Keighley St Peter’s Church
LAYCOCKLewisWW1Keighley St Peter’s Church
LAYCOCKLewisWW1Keighley St Peter’s Church
LAYCOCKLewisWW1Keighley St Peter’s Church
LAYCOCKWilliamWW1Earby War Memorial
LAYCOCKJCWW2Barnoldswick War Memorial
LAYCOCK JEWW1 Skipton Amateur Swimming Club Roll of Honour
LAYCOCKGWW1Tadcaster War Memorial
LAYCOCKGeorgeWW1Tadcaster Methodist Church
LAYCOCKGeorgeWW1Tadcaster St Mary’s Church
LAYFIELDCharles EdwardWW1Ilkley (All Saints) War Memorial
LAYFIELDWalterWW1Ilkley (All Saints) War Memorial
LAYFIELDCharles EdwardWW1Ilkley War Memorial WW1
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