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HOYLEFWW1Barnoldswick Union Working Men’s Club & Institute
HOYLESErnestWW1Skipton Cenotaph WW1
HOYLESGeorgeWW1Skipton Cenotaph WW1
HOYLESRichardWW1Skipton Cenotaph WW1
HOYLESErnestWW1Skipton (Holy Trinity) WW1
HOYLESGeorgeWW1Skipton (Holy Trinity) WW1
HOYLESRichardWW1Skipton (Holy Trinity) WW1
HOYLESErnestWW1Skipton (Christchurch) WW1 War Memorial
HOYLESGeorgeWW1Skipton (Christchurch) WW1 War Memorial
HOYLESRichardWW1Skipton (Christchurch) WW1 War Memorial
HOYLESGeorgeWW1Skipton (Working Mens' Club & Institute) WW1 War Memorial
HOYLESFWW1Skipton Christchurch
HOYLESGWW1Skipton Christchurch
HOYLESRWW1Skipton Christchurch
HUBBARDJWW1Bingley War Memorial
HUBBARDJWW1Bingley Holy Trinity Church
HUBBARDWalterWW1Horsforth Book of Remembrance
HUBYHWW1Yeadon (Town Hall - Inside) War Memorial
HUBYHWW1Yeadon (Town Hall - Outside) War Memorial
HUBYHarryWW1Yeadon (St. Andrew) WW1
HUBYHWW1Yeadon Residents WW1
HUBYTWW1Yeadon Residents WW1
HUBY George WW1Walton St Peter’s Church
HUDDLESTONRobertWW1Otley Memorial Garden, Crossgate WW2
HUDDLESTONRobertWW2Otley Town Council Roll of Honour
HUDDLESTONJWW1Rawdon Library Memorial Book
HUDDLESTONJWW1Harrogate War Memorial
HUDDLESTONJ WW2Bishop Monkton Village Hall
HUDDLESTONECharlieWW1Rufforth Village Institute
HUDDLESTONEWilliamWW1Rufforth Village Institute
HUDDLESTONEHaroldWW1Rufforth Village Institute
HUDSONNorman V.WW2Guiseley (Towngate Garden of Rest) War Memorial
HUDSONFrankWW2Rawdon (Micklefield Road) War Memorial
HUDSONRWW1Horsforth Woodside Methodist War Memorial WW1
HUDSONFrank HWW2Rawdon (St Peter) War Memorial
HUDSONA PWW1Bramhope (Robert Craven Memorial Hall)
HUDSONFWW2Hazlewood with Storiths (Inside Bolton Abbey Parish Room) War Memorial
HUDSONReginaldWW1Horsforth (Grove Methodist) War Memorial
HUDSONJames HyHorsforth (St. James) War Memorial
HUDSONRWW1Horsforth (Woodside Methodist) War Memorial
HUDSONHerbertWW2Menston (Kirklands Community Centre) War Memorial
HUDSONHerbertWW2Menston (Methodist Church) War Memorial
HUDSONHerbertWW2Menston (St. John) War Memorial
HUDSONGHWW1Otley (Drill Hall) War Memorial
HUDSONSWW1Otley (Drill Hall) War Memorial
HUDSONHaroldWW1Weeton (St. Barnabas) War Memorial
HUDSONJWW1Yeadon (Park View Methodist Chapel) War Memorial
HUDSONAllanWW1Bolton Abbey War Memorial Scrolls
HUDSONFredWW1Bolton Abbey War Memorial Scrolls
HUDSONWilliamWW1Bolton Abbey War Memorial Scrolls
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