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HOLMESHWW2Hazlewood with Storiths (Inside Bolton Abbey Parish Room) War Memorial
HOLMESLennardWW1Menston (Kirklands Community Centre) War Memorial
HOLMESAlfred ErnestWW1Otley (All Saints) War Memorial
HOLMESWilliam EthelredWW1Otley (All Saints) War Memorial
HOLMESAWW1Otley (Drill Hall) War Memorial
HOLMESEWW1Otley (Drill Hall) War Memorial
HOLMESLeonardWW1Otley (Primitive Methodist Circuit) War Memorial
HOLMESWilliamWW1Otley (Primitive Methodist Circuit) War Memorial
HOLMESGeorge MWW2Otley (Prince Henry's Grammar School) War Memorial
HOLMESArthurWW1Bolton Abbey War Memorial Scrolls
HOLMESFrankWW1Bolton Abbey War Memorial Scrolls
HOLMESGeorgeWW1Bolton Abbey War Memorial Scrolls
HOLMESTomWW1Bolton Abbey War Memorial Scrolls
HOLMESH.WW2Bolton Abbey War Memorial Scrolls
HOLMESA.WW1Burley-in-Wharfedale War Memorial
HOLMESW.WW1Burley-in-Wharfedale War Memorial
HOLMESG WWW1Adel (Lawnswood Cemetery) WW1 War Memorial
HOLMESGeorgePool-in-Wharfedale (St Wilfrid) War Memorial
HOLMESGeorgeWW2Pool-in-Wharfedale Village Hall WW2
HOLMESJohnWW1Skipton Cenotaph WW1
HOLMESWilliam NormanWW1Skipton Cenotaph WW1
HOLMESJohnWW1Skipton (Holy Trinity) WW1
HOLMESWilliam NormanWW1Skipton (Holy Trinity) WW1
HOLMESFWW1Horsforth (Fink Hill) Cenotaph
HOLMESWEWW1Horsforth (Fink Hill) Cenotaph
HOLMESFWW1Horsforth (St. Margaret's) War Memorial
HOLMESWEWW1Horsforth (St. Margaret's) War Memorial
HOLMESLWW1Menston (St. John) War Memorial
HOLMESWilliam EthelredWW1Otley (Methodist Church Boroughgate) War Memorial
HOLMESHarryWW1Burley-in-Wharfedale War Memorial
HOLMESWilliamWW1Burley-in-Wharfedale War Memorial
HOLMESF.WW1Burley in Wharfedale (Queens Hall)
HOLMESJohnWW1Skipton Congregational Church (now housed in Skipton St Andrews MC & United Reform Chuch
HOLMESHarryWW1Ilkley War Memorial WW1
HOLMESPhillip GWW1Linton in Craven st Michael's Church
HOLMESPhillip GWW1Linton in Craven War Memorial
HOLMESE LWW1Baildon Soldiers & Sailors Club
HOLMESHWW2Baildon Soldiers & Sailors Club
HOLMESPhilip GWW1Grassington Methodist Chapel
HOLMESBertWW1Grassington Methodist Chapel
HOLMESPhilip GWW1Grassington Methodist Chapel
HOLMESPhillipWW1Grassington Devonshire Institute
HOLMESJohnWW1Linton in Craven Fountaine's Hospital
HOLMESNormanWW1Addingham (St Peter's Church)
HOLMESWilfredWW1Addingham (St Peter's Church)
HOLMESWWW1Addingham (St Peter's Church)
HOLMESArthurWW1Beamsley Methodist Chapel
HOLMESGeorgeWW1Beamsley Methodist Chapel
HOLMESTomWW1Beamsley Methodist Chapel
HOLMESAlfred ErnestWW1Otley Town Council Roll of Honour
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