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 Surname   Forenames   Conflict   Memorial 
FEARBYWWW1 Harrogate Londesborough Club
FEARNCWW1Barnoldswick War Memorial
FEARNLEYGeorge MarllboroughWW1Arthington St Peter WW1
FEARNLEYGeorge MarllboroughWW1Arthington St Peter War Memorial
FEARNLEYAllanWW1Otley Wesleyan Church
FEARNSWWW1Yeadon Naylor Jennings & Co Ltd
FEATHERJames OwenWW1Sutton in Craven St Thomas Church
FEATHEREddieWW1Sutton in Craven St Thomas Church
FEATHERHartleyWW1Sutton in Craven St Thomas Church
FEATHERDWW1Riddlesden War Memorial Institute
FEATHERDWW1Riddlesden Primitive Methodist Ilkley Road
FEATHERJ BWW1Riddlesden Primitive Methodist Ilkley Road
FEATHERHWW1Riddlesden Primitive Methodist Ilkley Road
FEATHERJBWW1Riddlesden St Mary
FEATHERDWW1Riddlesden St Mary
FEATHERHWW1Riddlesden St Mary
FEATHERErnest FWW1Silsden Town Hall
FEATHERPWW1Killinghalll War Memorial
FEATHERLabanWW1Keighley Holden Park Oakworth
FEATHER WillieWW1 Keighley Ingrow St John’s Church
FEATHERHerbertWW1Keighley Ingrow St John’s Church
FEATHER ErnestWW1Keighley Ingrow St John’s Church
FEATHERAEWW1Keighley Library WW1
FEATHERErnestWW1Keighley Library WW1
FEATHERGEWW1Keighley Library WW1
FEATHERWillieWW1Keighley Library WW1
FEATHERHerbertWW1Keighley Library WW1
FEATHERHWW1Keighley Library WW1
FEATHER George WW1 Lees with Crossroads St James Church
FEATHERFWW2Lees with Crossroads St James Church
FEATHERGeorge WW1Crossroads Bowling Pavilion
FEATHERBWW1 Crossroads Bowling Pavilion
FEATHERWWW1 Crossroads Bowling Pavilion
FEATHERNormanWW1Keighley Ingrow Primary School
FEATHERGilbertWW1Keighley Ingrow Primary School
FEATHERHarryWW1Keighley Ingrow Primary School
FEATHERWilliamWW1Keighley Ingrow Primary School
FEATHER ArthurWW1Crossroads Primitive Methodist Sunday School
FEATHER George WW1Crossroads Primitive Methodist Sunday School
FEATHER William WW1Crossroads Primitive Methodist Sunday School
FEATHERWilliamWW1Keighley Wesley Place Methodist Church
FEATHERHarryWW1Keighley Wesley Place Methodist Church
FEATHEREricWW1Keighley Wesley Place Methodist Church
FEATHERJosephWW1Keighley Wesley Place Methodist Church
FEATHERNormanWW1Keighley Wesley Place Methodist Church
FEATHERBWW1Keighley Sun Street Methodist Church
FEATHERArthur WW1 Keighley Laycock War Memorial
FEATHER JSWW1Keighley Sunday Circle
FEATHERHarry WWW1Keighley Thwaites Brow St Barnabas Church
FEATHERTomWW1Haworth War Memorial
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