War Memorials
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 Surname   Forenames   Conflict   Memorial 
HIRDFPWW1Sedbergh School
HIROGWW1Cowling Hill Baptist Chapel
HIRSCHDavid PhilipWW1Adel Headingley Golf Club
HIRSCHDavid PhilipWW1Headingley Golf Club
HIRSCHDavid PhilipWW2Dacre Banks Holy Trinity Church
HIRSTAVWW1Rawdon (Woodhouse Grove School) War Memorial
HIRSTHaroldWW1Ilkley War Memorial WW1
HIRSTJackWW2Cononley St Mary's
HIRSTD GWW1Rawdon Library Memorial Book
HIRSTHaroldWW1Ilkley Grammar School
HIRSTAWW1Ilkley Town Hall
HIRSTFWW1Horsforth Conservative Club
HIRSTHWW1Horsforth Conservative Club
HIRST NWW2Pannal Village Hall
HIRSTGeorge EWW1Earby War Memorial
HIRSTFrank WW1Horsforth Book of Remembrance
HIRSTCliffordWW1Horsforth Book of Remembrance
HIRSTHarryWW1Horsforth Book of Remembrance
HISCOEA AWW2Sutton in Craven War Memorial
HISCOEEdwardWW1Sutton in Craven St Thomas Church
HISCOEJWW1Keighley Sunday Circle
HISLOPGilbertWW2 Ripon Cathedral
HISLOPGilbertWW2Ripon War Memorial
HITCHJohn HenryWW1Keighley Library WW1
HITCHJohn HWW1 Lees with Crossroads St James Church
HITCHJohn HWW1Crossroads Bowling Pavilion
HITCHCWW1Crossroads Bowling Pavilion
HITCHHWW1Keighley Hermit Hole Wesleyan Sunday School
HITCHJHWW1Keighley Hermit Hole Wesleyan Sunday School
HITCHENSLWW1Rawdon (Woodhouse Grove School) War Memorial
HITCHENStanley LucasWW1Burley-in-Wharfedale War Memorial
HITCHENJosephWW1Gargrave St Andrews Church
HITCHENJ HWW1Giggleswick School
HITCHENSGWW1Harrogate Wesley Methodist Church
HITCHENSWW1Burley in Wharfedale St Mary’s Church
HITCHINS.L.WW1Burley-in-Wharfedale War Memorial
HITCHINJohnWW1Long Preston War Memorial
HITCHINJohn HenryWW1Long Preston Village Hall
HITCHONJohn WilliamWW1Gargrave St Andrews Church
HITCHONJFWW1Sedbergh School
HIXONEWW1Bramhope (Robert Craven Memorial Hall)
HIXONJames JHorsforth (St. James) War Memorial
HIXONJJWW1Horsforth (Fink Hill) Cenotaph
HIXONJJWW1Horsforth (St. Margaret's) War Memorial
HIXONJWW1Horsforth Conservative Club
HIXONEWW1Horsforth Conservative Club
HIXONEdwardWW1Horsforth Book of Remembrance
HIXONJames JWW1Horsforth Book of Remembrance
HOAREPWW2 Sedbergh School
HOBBSCWW1Ilkley Town Hall
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