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CLAPHAMThomas HWW1Weeton (St. Barnabas) War Memorial
CLAPHAMFWW1Yeadon (Park View Methodist Chapel) War Memorial
CLAPHAMJWW1Yeadon (Park View Methodist Chapel) War Memorial
CLAPHAMJ.S.WW2Burley-in-Wharfedale War Memorial
CLAPHAMHWW1Menston (St. John) War Memorial
CLAPHAMJohn StanleyWW2Burley-in-Wharfedale War Memorial
CLAPHAMRaymondWW1Otley Town Council Roll of Honour
CLAPHAMRWW2Otley Grove Hill Park
CLAPHAMThos. Hy.WW1Bingley All Saints Church
CLAPHAMHarold HWW2Bingley All Saints Church
CLAPHAMHarold HallWW2Bingley Urban District
CLAPHAMRWW2Grove Hill Park, Otley
CLAPHAMWWW1Yeadon Naylor Jennings & Co Ltd
CLAPHAMF BWW1Yeadon Residents WW1
CLAPHAMHWW1Yeadon Residents WW1
CLAPHAMJ WWW1Yeadon Residents WW1
CLAPHAMThomas HenryWW1Bingley All Saints
CLAPHAMHarold HWW2Bingley All Saints
CLAPHAM THWW1Bingley War Memorial
CLAPHAM HHWW2Bingley War Memorial
CLAPHAMJohn Thomas EdmundWW1Green Hammerton St Thomas Church
CLAPHAMKWW2Harrogate War Memorial
CLAPHAM HerbertWW1Pannal St Robert’s Church
CLAPHAMKennethWW2Harrogate St Mark's Church
CLAPHAMHarryWW2Harrogate St John & St Luke's Church
CLAPHAMJWW2 Pannal Village Hall
CLAPHAMHWW1Pannal Village Hall
CLAPHAMArthur CWW1Guiseley St Oswald's Church
CLAPHAMJames FWW1Guiseley St Oswald's Church
CLAPHAMThomas WW1Guiseley St Oswald's Church
CLAPHAMEdgarWW1Keighley Library WW1
CLAPHAMJames RaymondWW1Keighley Library WW1
CLAPHAMThomas WW1Keighley Library WW1
CLAPHAM EdgarWW2Keighley All Saints Church
CLAPHAMGeoffreyWW2Keighley All Saints Church
CLAPHAMJ RaymondWW1Keighley Exley Head Methodist Church WM
CLAPHAMGeoffreyWW1Keighley Golf Club
CLAPHAMSaml.WW1Keighley Golf Club
CLAPHAMSydneyWW1Keighley Golf Club
CLAPHAMJohn SWW2Burley in Wharfedale Methodist Church
CLAPHAM JSWW2Burley in Wharfedale St Mary’s Church
CLAPHAMTWW1 Barnoldswick War Memorial
CLAPHAMThomas WW1Barnoldswick Baptist Church
CLAPHAMThomas WW1Keighley Lund Park Wesleyan Chapel
CLAPHAMJ RaymondWW1Keighley Exley Head Methodist
CLAPHAMEWW1Low Bentham St John the Baptist Church
CLAPHAMEWW1High Bentham Methodist Church
CLAPHAMEWW1High Bentham Town Hall
CLAPHAMJWW1 Ingleton St Mary’s Church
CLAPHAMJWW1Ingleton War Memorial
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