On Saturday 17th September 2016, I drove from Leeds to the Threshfield Insititute, to give a talk to the Threshfield members about the new website. Armed with two mobile telephones, on two different networks, I was planning on connecting to the Internet and demonstrating the new website. As the title of the talk stated "WWW Wharfedale Website, Wonders and Woes", needless to say, the 'woes' continued, as I was unable to connect to the Internet! Luckily I had some cached web pages on my laptop to demonstrate. As most of you will know, Saturday was a glorious day and on the drive up I was reminded of the true beauty of Wharfedale. Driving through the small villages and rolling hills, it reminded me that I must return and take some photographs that can be shared on the website for all to see. At one point I thought I had taken a wrong turn, or even entered a time warp. As I drove through Grassington, the streets were lined with WW1 German Soldiers, people dressed in period costume and army trucks lined the route!