The Wharfedale Family History Group are commencing a new project and looking for volunteers to assist. We are transcribing the burial registers for Otley Municipal Cemetery. The burials are contained in 11 registers, which cover approximately 18,000 entries from 1st April 1862 to 17th January 1992.

Copies of the registers have been obtained in digital format (JPEG) and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets prepared to aide transcription.


To give people an idea of the quality of the registers, and the type of information that is required to be transcribed, I have included sample pages from early and late registers. Entries, throughout all registers, span two pages and include Grave Information on the right-hand pages.


Example from Register 1 (Left-hand Page)


Example from Register 11 (Left-hand Page)


Are you up for the challenge? Then why not contact me or one of the committee members for further details.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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