"Day of Action at North Rigton"

10:00 Saturday 9th July 2016

North Rigton St. John's The Baptist.

Susanne, Lynda and I spent a rather wet morning in the churchyard of St. John the Baptist Churchyard ar North Rigton. The grounds are well maintained as too are the memorials. Registers commenced shortly after the church was built in 1911 (This reflects in the memorial inscriptions).

There are over 200 memorials both in and outside the church. All of which were recorded on the action day.


 "Every Time I Bend Over My Glasses Steam Up"

Armed with pads, pencils, brushes and brollies!

Despite the rain, spirits were not dampened and we all had a good day.

Some of the stones were difficult to read, but using our tricks of the trade all memorials were recorded. The quote of the day goes to Lynda "Every Time I Bend Over My Glasses Steam Up".

Further Action Days

It has been a while since an Action Day, to record Monumental Inscriptions, has been arranged. But it was felt by all that further days should be arranged, and further projects are already being considered.










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